Thursday, September 27, 2007

"It's called gettin' down"

This week's entertainment while riding the Metro to and from work is the Buck Rogers in the 25th Century movie, which was edited to become the first episode of the TV series ("Awakening" if you're anal about that stuff). Today, I reached the painful part—Buck's disco dancing extravaganza with Princess Ardala (dig that hat).

Keep in mind, we'll be reminded every single episode that Buck left the Earth in 1987 and returned over 500 years later. I'm well aware that this was produced at the tail end of the 1970s when disco was "all the rage," but it's also a reminder why it's dangerous to try and predict the future. We all know that disco was not only dead in 1987, but very dead only to be resurrected in the 90s as kitschy retro goodness (along with hip hugging bell-bottom pants).

If you have a princess you're trying to impress, put this tune on your stereo and be prepared to shake your groove thing—yeah yeah. As an added bonus, here's the bizarre, James Bond-esque opening to the Buck Rogers movie.

What am I? Who am I? What will I beeeeeeeeeeee?

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smacky said...

If it had been accurate, what would he have done to represent 1987? Duran Duran? Ask the guy to play "Pump up the Volume"? 1987 was... maybe Madonna? I'm gonna have to consult the Billboard charts to refresh my memory!

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