Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Emotional Roller Coaster

Evidently, the mainstream media is yucking it up at Andrew Meyer's expense. Yeah, because it's so funny to be manhandled and electrically shocked for not doing anything wrong. Don't you have a White Bronco to chase or something?


"Brother Number Two" was finally arrested this morning. While I'm overjoyed to hear he'll finally be held to account for what he's done, it's unfortunately 30 years too late.

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smacky said...

You've heard of the Jena Six, by now, right?

I'm not a huge fan of a series of wrongs making a right, but there was a pattern of escalation that could have been stopped when the nooses were hung(!)... Definitely seems stacked unfairly. I know, the idea that a black man might be treated unfairly in the deep south? How unusual! At least it's getting nationwide coverage now, since it's been going on since September 2006.

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