Friday, September 21, 2007

D-List Goodness

My friend Anne and I went to see Kathy Griffin in concert on Wednesday at Constitution Hall. For those of you not familiar with the DC area, Constitution Hall is owned by the DAR and located next door to the campus of George Washington University. This venue is also notorious for having the most uncomfortable seating for events requiring one to sit for any length of time, like a two-hour concert.

Now I've never seen Kathy Griffin's Bravo show My Life on the D-List, but I do know her from stand-up and Suddenly Susan. Anne is a huge fan and really wanted to go, so I went. I had heard that Griffin was incredibly gay friendly and it really showed in the make-up of the audience. If you're a fan of chasing Amy, it was definitely the place to be.

The show itself was fairly funny, aside from a joke about Bill Shatner killing his wife. All in all, it was a relatively pleasant evening despite the late arrival of the cast of Zoolander who felt they had to stand for the first five minutes of the show.

The best part? That was when I was handed a card advertising an upcoming event. That event, ladies and gentlemen, is Morrissey in concert on November 2!! Shoplifters of the world, unite and take over!


smacky said...

I heard a rumor that this is his farewell "greatest hits" tour. If it weren't for all the black-wearing, moody teens, it might be a fun show.

I had "Hatful of Hollow" on vinyl.
God I'm old!

smacky said...

PS: Don't care for Kathy Griffin. Someone described her brand of comedy as "You're ugly... Just kidding!" which is sort of a mean Don Rickles sort of thing that is hard to pull off properly. I've seen an episode of her show, and I can't figure how much of it is an act, and how much of it is she's really just a fame whore who NEEDS to get attention to be happy.

De said...

The Griffin stuff was mainly embellished encounters with other celebs like Paris Hilton, Barbara Walters, and the aforementioned Bill Shatner. I personally thought she was going to be as obnoxious as what the trailers for her show portrayed. Thankfully that wasn't the case. One other joke I could have done without was one with Barbara Walters and Astroglide. Talk about a visual you really don't need.

As for Morrissey, I think I am going to snag a ticket. It's not like he tours on a regular basis and I do love the music. I can handle gothy teens. Too bad Johnny Marr will be nowhere in sight :(

Wes said...

I think Kathy Griffin is pretty obnoxious, but also kinda hot. Kinda.

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