Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Baaaa or De Joins the 21st Century

During the time I commute via Metro, I like to listen to music and, if possible, do some reading. Lately, it's just been music since the subway is normally standing room only when I jump on. I had been using my mobile phone for this until yesterday. You see, the phone part works but, for some unknown reason, it doesn't make audible noises anymore (hence why I didn't ring you back, Marty), not even through headphones.

In a bit of a quandary, I decided to buy my first iPod. The first stop was Best Buy, but all they had were the new Shuffle and Nano models, the iPod Touch (aka the iPhone without a phone), and the 160-gig iPod Classic. I didn't want the Shuffle or the Nano because I was afraid I'd accidentally inhale them. The iPod Touch only had a 16-gig capacity and was $400. The 160-gig Classic was well over $300. When I asked about the 80-gig Classic, I was told that they were sold out.

Next stop was Circuit City where they not only had the 80-gig Classic in droves, but also offered 40% off all accessories when you purchased an iPod. I walked out with the model I wanted, an Apple FM tuner, and a Monster FM transmitter for listening and charging in the car; all for much less than the price of the 160-gig model. Cha-ching!

I finally got to use the thing this morning after encoding some video and letting the unit charge last night. Why didn't somebody tell me these were the coolest things ever? Walking to the Metro, I listened to David Thornton's now-defunct Joe Cast and then switched over to watch Buck Rogers in the 25th Century during the ride. Fan-tastic!!!

The only downside is that getting stuff onto the iPod is a bit labor-intensive unless you use iTunes for all your media needs, which I don't. Aside from that, I am ready to go to the roof of my office building and shout praises to the entire planet that this is indeed the coolest gadget ever!!


smacky said...

I believe I DID tell you... or at least I mentioned it repeatedly in my blog. I just passed the 10,000 song mark on my iPod!

De said...

I like the music aspect of it quite a bit, but I am floored at the ability to watch decent-quality video on this thing. I fully intend to catch up on a ton of stuff I've missed.

smacky said...

You know you can save stuff from youtube (for example) and put it on your iPod? I had the Star Wars Holiday Special on there for a long while, until I realized it really does suck.

Marty said...

No worries man!

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