Sunday, August 5, 2007

Walter Koenig is Awesome

Mr. Koenig is attempting to bring the world's attention to the plight of Burmese refugees fleeing the incredibly oppressive state of Myanmar (formerly Burma). He even cites the ideals of the original Star Trek:
In the original series, we were an international, interethnic, interracial community. People have responded to that for 40 years and I think there's a sense of benevolence and humanity in the fans. Their nerdiness not withstanding makes them good company to get the word out.
Given what Mr. Koenig is trying to accomplish, I can let that last sentence slide a little.


smacky said...

Ugh, that last sentence is annoying, and I'm not even a huge fan. Are causes supported by Leonardo Dicaprio easier to support? Is the Amazon safe now because of the work of Sting? No, because Sting's preaching about it was annoying, and people resolved NOT to help because of that smug prick.

It's scifi, not kiddie porn. Why do even the actors feel the need to apologize for its fans? They should take a look at rap artists and copy them: Show an insane amount of pride in everything you do, even far excelling the aclaim it deserves.

All scifi actors make this your mantra: MY scifi show is the best scifi show out there. All the bitches want to spend the night with my scifi show. Other scifi shows are just healous. C'Mon Walter, give that a shot!

muse said...

Hey, fellow Koening fan and cheesy movie lover: have you seen Drawing Down the Moon (in which he is a villain)? Look it up if you can, it's very low budget but it's funny, a Wiccan/kung fun expert/social worker/do gooder combats an eeevil corporation in a run-down little town, and touches the heart of some of the bad guys even (awwww!). lol

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