Thursday, August 2, 2007


I was at the local Ninth Circle of Hell (aka the local Wal-Mart) looking for the new Legendary Comic Heroes figures when I saw this:
With that image in the foreground, how could I not buy it?

The film is about a kid with a really bad flatulence problem who desperately wants to be an astronaut. During the course of the film, we're treated to fart joke after fart joke after fart joke. And I laughed at all of them. Yes, it's puerile. Yes, it's beyond juvenile. It's a fun movie with an underdog story we can all get behind—or maybe not.


smacky said...

Does the cover brag about some loose tie to the Harry Potter films?!?

Find the figures? Someone saw them in Va Beach, but I haven't heard anything closer.

Oh, Stan and She-Hulk shipped yesterday!

muse said...

HAHAHA! Too funny!

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