Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Restaurants to Avoid

Normally I don't like this forum to be a pool of negativity, but I must put on my restaurant critic cap and lay into last night's locale for the Baisches' evening meal: American Tap Room.

For a change, we decided to head into Gainesville for dinner, specifically the so-called Virginia Gateway Center where most of Gainesville's shopping needs are met. Back when I was unemployed, I used to hang out at the Starbucks there and saw this restaurant being built. I thought it might be a good place to go and I thought wrong.

Em and I decided to have pasta dishes since they didn't include a ton of side items like most of the entrees on the menu. She had something called Creamy Crazy Chicken while I sampled the Penne Pesto. The Creamy Crazy Chicken is aptly named since you'd have to be crazy to order it. It had the consistency of a cheap offering from the frozen food section and about as unevenly heated. The Penne Pesto was, quite possibly, the blandest thing I've eaten since the whipped carrots served to me in the hospital when I had pneumonia. The best white wine in the entirety of the planet would not have made this meal any more palatable.

Again, I really do hate to complain but I was expecting some decent stuff out of such an upscale eatery. However, I am no longer curious and now have one less place to consider when making my dining decision.

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smacky said...

Aw, that's always the worst, isn't it? You want it to be good, you think it will be good, you expect it to be good... and it's not worth the money, effort, time, or calories.

We have a few places like that around here.

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