Tuesday, August 7, 2007

More Thunder

No, I did not watch Thunderpants again. I found myself at the local Ninth Circle of Hell (aka Wal-Mart) again last night and noticed a big display of 2 for $10 DVDs. Expecting the worst, I managed to find eight decent titles I hadn't seen yet. Into the basket they went with, alas, no Legendary Comic Book Heroes figures to keep them company. One of the films was A Sound of Thunder, an adaptation of Ray Bradbury's time travel short story. Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a sucker for time travel stories.

The premise of the film involves a company that offers rich people the chance to travel back in time and hunt dinosaurs. However, something goes wrong during one of the hunts and the present begins to suffer for it. The film diverges from Bradbury's story in that our heroes are go back and fix the problem (though not without some cinematic hoops to jump through). Some of the ideas present in the film are very cool, like using super-cooled ice bullets that would eventually melt and not leave any trace elements that could alter the timeline. However, most of the visual effects are pretty bad, science and logic take a backseat to drama, and we're treated to some of the most uninvolved acting out of Ben Kingsley.

I'm told there's an episode of Ray Bradbury Theater that also adapts this story. I'll have to dig out my DVD and check it out.


smacky said...

Ha, how funny is it that the Toybiz site you linked to says "Legendary Comic Book Heroes: Coming Soon"?

You know, since you haven't found them yet.



Hey, how is next week looking for meeting up? This week's busy with Portland for me, but next week should be calm. Let me know.


De said...

Next week is very much up in the air as we work on the contract re-compete. I'll keep you posted.

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