Monday, August 13, 2007

More Moments of Weakness

Saturday morning meant I had to scramble off of my keister and get my shirts to the cleaners. That particular chore took all of 15 minutes to accomplish so I decided to search for new action figures.

Scored big at the local Ninth Circle of Hell (aka Wal-Mart) with an entire set of Legendary Comic Book Heroes Series 1 plus Judge Death from Series 2. All of the variants were there, but I left them with the sole exception of Savage Dragon in the tank top shirt. The green, hairy chest didn't really appeal to me and the character was always wearing the tank top when I was reading the book years ago. Moving on...

The only other big find was a lone Storm Shadow from the 25th Anniversary G.I. Joe line. Ever since seeing the pictures online, the nostalgia wave has hit me pretty hard. I immediately snapped it up. It looks like Target either had or will have the figures since I saw pegs for them. I'm seriously hoping more are coming as these little guys kick all sorts of butt.

Hopefully I can convince Emily to take some pictures of this stuff in action soon.


muse said...

How big is your house, with all this stuff that you're buying? LOL

I _loved_ G.I. Joe! "now I know - And knowing's half the battle... G.I. Joooooe!"

smacky said...

Which is your favorite? I only bought three of them so far (and two were dupes) but I'm loving Madman. I picked up some (extremely cheap) gently used trades of Madman while in Oregon. Read one on the way home. Good stuff!

I'm avoiding the Joes. Unless they one day make a new one of my personal favorite as a kid: Flash. Green jumpsuit with read pads all over it. He was the man among my toys. More posable then a Star Wars fig, so he always won the fights!

muse said...

I just noticed the Garibaldi email, btw... you B5 geek! LOL (you rock!)

De said...

Smacky - Right now, I only have Madman and Savage Dragon open. I figure Madman being a corpse, he should be used to funky positions. Dragon has these really awesome articulated fingers that bend at both knuckles. My plan is to open the rest up by the weekend, beginning with Judge Dredd (I am the law!).

Muse - I do love me some B5, that's for sure. It's too bad you live in Canada because we really need to hang out.

Wes said...

Those Legendary Comic Book Heroes caught my eye as well, though admittedly I'm familiar with very few of the characters. May end up going for Savage Dragon and Judge Dredd someday, though, if only for respective use in TMNT toy comics and Stallone parodies!

That redhead in Series 2 (I don't think she's out; I just saw her on the cardback) appeals to me as well -- I'll definitely get her, though I have no idea who she is.

Hurray for toys! :P

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