Monday, August 6, 2007

I Am An Idiot or The Reason I'm a Tad Sleepy Today

Thanks to the magic of the CPAP machine and losing some weight, I'm beginning to sleep better. However, that magic only works so well when you have three or four hours in which to sleep.

Last night, I decided to watch Snakes on a Plane during dinner and received a phone call about a half hour into the film. The conversation goes on for nearly two hours and I resume watching. That was Mistake #1. After the film ended, I went downstairs into the bedroom and began watching Norbit. This added an additional hour and a half before drifting off to Dreamland—Mistake #2.

Snakes on a Plane is a fun film punctuated by some truly gross moments at times. The very idea is genius but the execution certainly isn't. It's a fun film in the vein of Michael Bay/Jerry Bruckheimer fare.

Norbit is pretty stupid. There are some funny moments, mostly from Eddie Murphy's portrayal of the eponymous character but the over-the-top fat jokes really fell flat for me (please pardon the pun). This is the sort of thing you see once and that's enough.

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smacky said...

You have watched a lot of "interesting" movies this week! (Hmm, I don't mean that in a "movie snob" tone of voice... more of a "I prefer my dumb movies to star Will Ferrell" kind of way!)

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