Thursday, July 19, 2007

This and That

Aside from work, I've been actually going out and doing stuff. It's nice not to be stuck in the routine of work-home day after day. So what have I been doing?

  • I finally met the man, the legend that is Smacky on Tuesday. We had dinner at Ted's Montana Grill in Arlington after I called him posing as the late Aldo Kelrast. Smacky writes about our culinary adventure here.
  • Saw Knocked Up this past weekend and it was pretty darn funny while dangerously skirting sappy territory. If you liked The 40-Year Old Virgin, you'll probably dig it. Personally, I could have dealt with a lot less of the casual drug use throughout the film.
  • Commuting has been quite a bear of late with the jam-packed Metro trains both in the morning and in the evening. I get no reading done at all and instead listen to music.
  • Played with an iPhone last week and it's quite a neat little toy. However, it's not $500 neat. I'll stick with my Motorola Q for now. Funny story time: I had to replace my Q when it fell in the loo after #2. Pretty gross I admit, but I cleaned it (hooray for Clorox wipes) and took it to the Verizon store where the manager was really cool about the whole thing and replaced it for free.
  • Ladies, if you insist on wearing the equivalent of a bikini top to work, chances are some guy is going to take a look. When that guy is me, please have an expression other than "You must be castrated" on your face. I swear I wasn't staring and if you talk to me, I'll remember that your eyes are "up there."
  • Once upon a time, I had the utmost respect for Kenneth Johnson, the genius behind The Incredible Hulk TV series and V. Then I saw the movie Steel starring Shaquille O'Neal. Please tell me you were late with the cable bill or something, Kenny.
  • Saw Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix last week and didn't hate it. I still don't get the love affair with the book series but I'm almost tempted to start reading if only to learn more about the hot goth girl character in the movie.


smacky said...

After bison, I feel our next meal should be even more exotic. How about that new puma meat place?

Bikini tops to work? [Scans post again] Oh good, you specified ladies only!

Note to self: NEVER purchase a refurbished Motorola Q [shivers].

smacky said...

Dude, it's Monday morning, July 30, 11:30 am. Check your yahoo email! Big (geek-related) news!

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