Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Must... Have...

Every single version of Blade Runner in one awesome package.
  • 1982 Theatrical Cut
  • 1982 International Cut (found on the Criterion laserdisc)
  • 1992 Director's Cut
  • Workprint Cut
  • 2007 Final Cut
Add in a ton of extras and this becomes one of the most awesome DVD releases ever. I'm not sure I can wait until December 18 for this, but it doesn't appear I have much of a choice.


smacky said...

HA! How funny, I added that to my Amazon wishlist two days ago! I was searching for something geeky and scifi and Amazon said "You might also like..." and I said "Holy Shit!" and thanked Amazon for knowing me so well.

It also comes with a little toy spinner car and an oragami unicorn!

De said...

I went ahead and pre-ordered since the price is pretty good for such an extensive set, unlike a certain set for an Irwin Allen TV show with near rock bottom cult appeal that rhymes with Hand of the Science.

Siskoid said...

Holy crap!!

Hm, not available on Amazon Canada yet, but you bet I'm there. Blade Runner is #1 on my list of movies that need good DVD releases.

The price is excellent!

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