Monday, May 14, 2007


Unfortunately, this is not a review of either the Frank Miller comic book or the film based on the comic book. I visited my doctor for the first time in two years this past Thursday about some sleep issues (like not getting any) and was weighed in by one of the lovely nurses. Granted, I was wearing clothes at the time, but my weight came to 298 pounds—just two shy of 300. The shock of hearing that number was like getting hit in the face with a wet trout.

Needless to say, Joe (my doctor) advised me that losing some weight would be within my best interests. So today I begin some cleaner living in the hopes of getting the weight down to something a bit more acceptable.

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smacky said...

I'm still taking baby steps with exercise. With the exception of yesterday, I think I put in 30 mins a day of physical activity, but it's been (1) using a shovel to spread a pile of gravel flat, (2) cutting up a fallen tree and hauling the pieces, and (3) mowing the lawn.

Things like going to the gym, or jogging, just seem so... unproductive. At least when I do any of the items above I've done something. The physical exersion is just a byproduct.

Good luck with everything!

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