Tuesday, April 17, 2007

This Blows

The wind from a Noreaster came barreling through the area yesterday, uprooting many a tree. Uprooted trees tend to fall and one of the many targets are power lines. This is especially true out where I live where you can see the forest and the trees. With power out last night, there wasn't a lot to do but eat the pizza we brought home and go to bed. Thankfully, my laptop had some battery power left and I was able to read some issues of Rom before dozing off.


smacky said...

Now that Hasbro owns Parker Bros., who had the rights to Rom, and Hasbro also now makes Marvel Legends...Could you please explain to me why Hasbro can't make a Rom figure in Marvel Legends style? That would rule, but I thought I heard they can't. Why can't they?

De said...

Supposedly the creator of Rom, Lawrence McCoy, is negotiating for the rights to bring back Rom in both toy and media form. I'm guessing that's the deal.

Maybe Rom will be using the Starbird (also designed by McCoy) as his ride when he makes his big comeback tour.

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