Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hump Day Happenings

Anyone else jazzed about the new planet find? While the potential for water (and perhaps life) on Gliese 581 c is great news, the planet is unfortunately too far away (20.5 light-years or 120,519.5 billion miles) `to obtain any kind of empirical data. Get cracking on that warp drive, Professor Hawking!

In case you're interested, Cornerstore Comics is having a clearance sale on many of their DC Direct action figures. I spent way too much but I truly appreciate the bargain prices.

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smacky said...

The negative, cynical part of me wants to say something like "It's probably completely populated by Muslims that already hate Americans specifically." But a smaller, more optimistic part of me just sighs and says "Wow..." under my breath, wishing Carl Sagan were alive to hear about it.

And that sale looks pretty good, but I just made a purchase on, so I'll have to pass.

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