Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Good That Men Do

As a result of commuting via Metro, I've been passing the time by reading and just finished The Good That Men Do by Andy Mangels and Michael Martin. The novel is an attempt to continue the adventures of Captain Jonathan Archer and his crew from the canceled TV series Star Trek: Enterprise.

Mangels and Martin attempt to rectify the injustice that was the final episode of the series using the devices of historical inaccuracy and "recently declassified" records to marry their newly-created continuity with what we saw Riker and Troi experiencing in the episode. For the most part, the author duo do a decent job of interweaving elements from previous episodes to build their story—continuity hounds will be happy. However, the very premise falls flat at the end as a result of attempting to end things conveniently. By ending things the way they did, it flies in the face of an important continuity point we've accepted for the past 40 years.

Overall, it's a pretty good read (save for the aforementioned ending) and is a "must-read" for fans of Star Trek: Enterprise. There's no doubt in my mind that this is going to spur a truckload of debate within fan circles for a good long while.


smacky said...

If I didn't even watch the last season of Enterprise, will this book make any sense at all?

De said...

Probably not. You really need to see the final episode, at the very least, to get the gist of what's trying to be fixed here. It should show up on the Sci Fi Channel before too long, but beware - it is awful!

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