Monday, April 30, 2007

A Break from History

I'm a little pressed for time today so we'll be holding off on the Third Doctor's Dalek adventures until tomorrow.

In the meantime, I point you to the press release for the Land of the Giants complete series box set coming on July 24. Land of the Giants was one of the worst ideas ever had by Irwin Allen but the show still has a certain charm to it despite some of the plot idiocy. Okay, that and Deanna Lund was pretty hot back in the day. For added nuttiness, here's a website all about the show called Giants Log—write your own joke.


smacky said...

So, they cut Time Tunnel seasons in half and charge full-season prices, and they release a NINE DVD set of Land of the Giants?

Both of those scenarios sort of suck. The Time Tunnel sets are a huge rip-off, and who loves Giants enough to pay almost $200?

De said...

I don't mind paying $20 per set of Time Tunnel (otherwise it would be around $50 per). I'm personally waiting for DeepDiscount to have its summer sale so I can snag Time Tunnel and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea for $15 or less.

As much as I love Land of the Giants, I'm not entirely sure I'll take the $150 plunge for the set. That's the sort of thing that can get me divorced in a heartbeat.

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